Peta Webb and Ken Hall at Frittenden, 31st January 2016


We’re delighted to welcome Peta Webb  and Ken Hall to the Frittenden session on Sunday the 31st January, from 8pm. (Free event.)

Peta and Ken are both seasoned singers who for decades have regularly listened to and sung alongside traditional singers in England and Ireland – and last year they celebrated 25 years of running London’s Musical Traditions Club, which provides an important platform for traditional singers and songs.

Over the years, Peta and Ken have developed a distinctive sound drawing on on Irish and British traditions of unison singing, and the harmonising of American brother duet tradition, and aim to celebrate the essential links between these cultures. Expect to be charmed and entertained by romantic little songs, story songs, funny songs and choruses…

As usual, the evening will be a session and everyone who can will be invited to chip in – so if it’s your sort of thing please bring a song, a tune or a story.

Workshops and sessions at Horsmonden and Frittenden, and the spring dance (19th January)

Horsmonden Traditional Music Class

A barndance at Frittenden

The hurly-burly of the Christmas season, wonderful though it was, seems a dim memory in mid-January… But the fun goes on with:

  • two free tunes workshops each month (2nd and 4th Wednesdays)
  • one free song workshop each month (1st Tuesday)
  • the two monthly sessions at Frittenden (mixed songs and tunes, last Sunday of the month) and Horsmonden (tunes, 1st Sunday)
  • the tunes workshop spring barndance at Frittenden with games and songs on the 19 March (details to be announced, but Rachel Roberts will be calling, and Malcolm and Ollie Woods will be there to help with the music)

See the website pages for the workshops and sessions for information!