First Sunday Tunes Session at Horsmonden

This is a mainly English tunes session held at the Gun & Spitroast pub, Horsmonden (TN12 8HT), starting at 8pm or so on the first Sunday of the month.

We play a good mix of mainly English tunes, including a good helping of the tunes we’ve been working at the Wednesday night workshops, favourites or our own and and anything else whatever people bring along.

Click on the relevant tab above to see the tunes we’ve been working on recently – they’re presented as abcs, written-out dots and YouTubes with slow demonstrations.

Song workshops at Horsmonden

Maurice Rollinat (1846-1903) chantant au piano d'après une aquarelle de Gaston Béthune (1857-1897)
Maurice Rollinat singing, from a watercolour by Gaston Béthune. You’ll notice that his mouth is a nice big round shape!

A series of free workshops concentrating on traditional and old fashioned songs are being held on the first Tuesday of the month at The Gun and Spitroast, Horsmonden until the summer.

The aim is to help singers:

  • become more confident,
  • be heard,
  • ensure they make a musical sound when they open their mouths (and breathe at a suitable moment rather than gasp!),
  • put over the story of their story,
  • find, choose and learn songs

We’ll be working mainly with traditional songs, and intend to avoid accompanying with instruments, at least to begin with – after all, it’s how we sing the song that really matters. Once that’s working well, adding an accompaniment can follow. See the Song Workshops page for more information.

Jo and Pip Ives at the Frittenden session, from 8pm on the 26th January

On Sunday night at The Bell and Jorrocks, Frittenden, session our featured visitors are Jo and Pip Ives.

Jo’s a talented flautist, and melodeon and anglo concertina player Pip Ives will need no introduction to local musicians (he works at Hobgoblin Canterbury for one thing) or to morris and sword dancers. Here’s a sample of Pip’s playing for those who need to be persuaded to come! Oh – and it’s a session so entry is free…