Final tunes workshop for the summer 5th June, tunes session Sunday 3rd, appeal for musos

– The last tunes workshop at the Gun and Spitroast for the summer is on Tuesday 5th June at 8pm. Two of the tunes we’ll work on are online now. The YouTubes for last week’s workshop (played at tempo and slowly for learning) are available now on the tunes workshop page on this website.
– The next Horsmonden tunes session at the Gun and Spitroast is on Sunday 3rd June, starting at 8pm. Everyone is welcome – in fact, everyone gets asked what tunes they would like to play so it’s a friendly, inclusive kind of evening. (NB – the end of the month sessions at The Castle have ended for the summer. Look out for an announcement about September!)
– Kettlebridge Clogs are recruiting – if you’re a musician who would like to play regularly for a dance team, this is your opportunity. Info is here and the person to write to is Susan Walsh. Please pass the message on… (A warning to folks who enjoy the tunes workshops – Kettlebridge practices on Tuesday nights.)