Sing old Kent carols

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We’re all used to hearing the same few carols each year – but actually there are many more local carols around the country and they’re often forgotten.

Many that we sing come from a book of Kent carols Arise and Hail the Happy Day researched and edited by George Frampton, and published by the Faversham Society (it’s number 124 on their list). However, we have identified some other sources too.

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Locally sung carols we have revived

Tune, harmony and text:

Tune and text (where available):

Modern carol:

Sounds (YouTubes):

Popular old carols that are still sung today and which we also sing

Carols order 2019

Download printable lyric sheets without music here: Carol songsheets 2019.

I’d like to thank George Frampton, Helen Mitcham, Adrian Waters, John Moore and Kathy Wallwork for their help in sourcing this material, and to Kathy for the harmonies.

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