Alvar Smith joins us at the Bell & Jorrocks, Frittenden, Sunday 28th October

Photo by Susan Bell

Proper old-fashioned Suffolk singer Alvar Smith is to be our visiting performer at the Frittenden session on the 28th October.

Both of his grandfathers were well known for their singing at the legendary Blaxhall Ship singing pub in years gone by (see a movie including both Charlie Smith and Bob Scarce here), and he still sings many of his family songs.

With Alvar as well as our regulars, we’re expecting a splendid, entertaining evening!

If you’re wondering what you missed – here’s a sample to be going on with until Alvar’s next visit:

Jody Kruskal at Whitstable, this Tuesday

Something someone said about Jody:

‘You can’t do that on the concertina! Well, maybe you or I can’t, but tonight’s opener Jody Kruskal can. Jody is known in the contra-dance world as a wizard of the Anglo concertina as part of numerous bands including Grand Picnic and Squeezology. But as a solo performer, he applies the little squeeze box to the most unlikely of songs, including blues, ragtime, jazz, and novelty numbers to marvelous effect.’

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