Julie and Gav’s virtual Castle session online Sunday, 7.30pm

Keep in touch during the pandemic with live tunes and songs 

I hope you’re all keeping well and still taking great care of yourselves… None of us want to see a second wave and especially we don’t want to be part of it!

There will be another of our series of Sunday night Zoom singaround/tunearounds tomorrow (23rd May). We are continuing to subscribe and this month special thanks goes to our friend and regular participant Joe Waters.

We’ll start our virtual Castle session this Sunday (tomorrow) at 7.30pm and plan to run until our usual pub-closer at 9.30pm or a little after (we try to think of our neighbours). Please free free to pass this message on to anyone you feel would be interested.

Folks based in other parts of the country are very welcome!

The agenda is trad, old fashioned and entertaining, as always.

You can join us using a smart phone or tablet, or a computer with a webcam and mic, both of which are usually built into laptops.

We plug in a pair of computer speakers for better sound but it’s not strictly necessary. Some people use headphones or earphones. We also use separate mics set up for stereo, but many folks get perfectly reasonable results from using the mics in thelr laptops and tablets, particularly in environments with lots of soft furnishings. 

If you fancy it, turn off your main room central light off and use a table lamp or standard lamp to one side. This may give you a clearer picture and a more atmospheric light.

If you’d like to take part, email us at gmatkin@gmail.com and I’ll send you a link and a password. (There’s no need to send an email if you were involved last week. I’ll send you a link anyway.)

Workshoppers and other tunes playing folks may be interested in my latest instructional YouTube, The Sussex Polka. I play it at tempo, then demonstrate it slowly both in a simple way of playing and then with more chords, etc.

Lucy Duff has been in touch to tell us about the National Youth Folk Ensemble’s online taster sessions next week. Attendees need to:be aged 12–18 live in Englandbe able to play confidently on your chosen instrument The days are open to players of any instrument and there is no need to have experience of folk music. All playing and learning will be done by ear. 

The Kent sampler day is the 31st, but youngsters from anywhere in England can sign up for any of the days. Gavin

https://singdanceandplay.net or gmatkin@gmail.com

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