Chorus songs at the West End Tavern

Chorus nights at the West End Tavern at Marden are a new venture – the aim is to spend an evening singing grand, rollicking choruses without any accompaniment, and we certainly achieved that in grand style the first time we tried it earlier this month.

Why not sign up for our mailing list and make sure you hear about the next event in this series? (There will be one but the date is still under discussion.)

If you’d like to come along and sing, please get in touch at and let us know what you have in mind.

The evening is made up of all chorus songs – most led by a singer singing the versus, but some are from song sheets, and these ones we sing all the way through (bring your reading glasses if you need them!).

If you usually only know the chorus it’s great to get your teeth into the whole thing.

So here are the song sheets. They are available in normal size (saves paper) and large size (for those who find it helpful).

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